Event: DCD gives Harmony Singing Workshop!

Mollie and I are excited to conduct our first ever Harmony Singing Workshop in Eugene on August 29 at Sam Bond’s Garage. We learned to sing three-part harmony with our sister, Kelley, in the old fashioned way: from our mother. This was a common activity on car vacations. With the three of us sitting abreast in the back seat, Mom would give us each a starting note to keep in our heads and then conduct us in major triads. This lesson eventually got more complicated, adding a moving third to shift between major and minor chords, and sometimes she would sing the seventh, teaching us how chordal structures work. In time, she crafted short ditties for us to sing in three-part harmony, showing each daughter her part, and then conducting us to sign our parts together.

Though I am convinced today that she was more interested in maintaining behavioral harmony than creating the next Andrews Sisters, she gave us the lifelong gift of the ability to create harmony parts on the fly.  It took Mollie and me well into adulthood to stop taking for granted this talent for bursting into improvised harmonies at every “Happy Birthday” or “Fa La La La La,” and to establish Douglas County Daughters to entertain you with these skills.

On August 29 we are taking our harmony-making abilities another step further to teach you to sing as we were taught. Though we don’t plan to cram you into a station wagon, nor drive you around Iowa, we will gather an all ages crowd of you in the back porch of Sam Bond’s Garage to sing rounds, canons, and polyphony.  It’s easy and fun, and we know you will laugh right along with us as we sing our way down memory lane.  We just might teach you the “Yamaha: It’s a better machine” ditty.

Read more about our workshop and other offerings hosted by the “Create! Eugene” month long series of arts workshops at their website:


As their way of saying thank you and welcoming workshop attendees to these community events, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art offers each workshop registrant a free family guest pass to their museum! Contact us to get your guest passes.

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