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Sisters Emily West and Mollie Ziegler collaborate as “Douglas County Daughters”, a vintage Americana project dedicated to the voice and the song. Born and raised in Douglas County, Nebraska, the two were encouraged into music in childhood and today combine twenty years of extensive recording and performance experience in rock, classical, pop, and gospel groups. Favorite Pacific Northwest stages range from Seattle’s elegant Benaroya Hall to Tacoma’s intimate Antique Sandwich Company, and include Seattle’s Tractor Tavern and Eugene’s Sam Bond’s Garage.

As Douglas County Daughters, Mollie and Emily perform a unique repertoire of roots, swing, cabaret, folk, and rockabilly tunes with original compositions peppered into the mix. Their small ensemble size and varied repertoire allow them to perform sets tailored to audiences in chic spas, festival stages, intimate speakeasies, or lively pubs. The duo features attention-getting vocal harmony, and accompanies themselves primarily on drums and keys.

Douglas County Daughters creates an unexpected magic and charm on stage as crowds respond not only to the polished sound of accomplished singers and close harmonies, but to the heart-warming banter of family members enjoying each other.

Sharing stories of childhood in small town America, of learning to harmonize on car vacations, and of endless years of piano lessons, Douglas County Daughters joins the tradition of family bands like The Smothers Brothers, The Andrews Sisters, and The Carter Family. Their classic presentation includes vintage costuming for a nostalgic audience experience.

Despite comparisons to informal folk origins, both Mollie and Emily were classically trained in piano, and concert bands and choirs, studying music and performance throughout high school and college. Mollie studied choral music, earning a Masters in Music Education; and Emily completed a Masters in Folklore with an emphasis in musicology. They bring together a deep knowledge of varied musical traditions, and create something delightfully appealing when their voices blend as only sisters’ can. Each an accomplished vocalist and instrumentalist in her own right, the two have enjoyed multiple independent recording projects, and they appear on each others’ albums; their combined discographies include five LPs and four EP releases. Other projects featuring Mollie or Emily include Fancy Bandits, Local Buddha, Mollie Ziegler, and Telepathic Dumpster.

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