Sam Bond's

Sam Bond’s is hopping!

Sam Bond’s is hopping! Just played to a full, enthusiastic room! This audience may have performed the best-ever version of “Don’t You Just Know It.” On stage now is “Mount Joy,” a girl band with great vocal harmonies and a lot of passion! But that’s not all! Emily plays with Alder Street in just a little while! Thanks, Sam Bond’s, for a stellar evening!

Revivall Fashion Shot

Meet Eugene’s Laura Lee Laroux

Meet Eugene’s Laura Lee Laroux, designer of our most recent dresses, and Emily’s wedding dress! We are huge fans of her designs, her re-use philosophy, and of Laura Lee as a person, and we know you’ll love her, too! Please visit her on facebook, etsy, and instagram, and consider supporting her with a like, follow, share, or purchase. Let’s help Revivall Clothing grow an even wider following and fan base!

19811003 - Mollie

Society Pages: The Register-Guard

Thank you, Christine Sherk, for including both of us in The Register-Guard! Wise words inspire For the new year, local notables share favorite books that move them by Christine Sherk At the start of a new year it seems as good a time as any to seek inspiring, motivational, encouraging words, or even just a good story that…

Cathie's Dessert

Cathie’s Dessert

Cathie’s Dessert Preheat oven to 350 degrees. For crust: 1 c. flour 1/2 c. melted margarine 1/2 c. crushed fine pecans Melt margarine in 9×13 glass pan; add flour and pecans.  Stretch out in pan using back of a wooden spoon.  Bake 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until lightly browned. For layers: 2 packages…

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