Society Pages: blogmess – tracy green

Thank you, Tracy Green, for featuring us in blogmess!

Let me introduce you to two of my friends

I have two friends who started a Kickstarter project.It seems like everything is being funded by Kickstarter these days.  I even heard about a movie studio using it to generate interest in a film that they probably already have money to produce.  It’s become a trendy way to cause some buzz about projects.  Aside from a few Open Source software projects,  I’ve largely stayed away from Kickstarter projects.We live in an age where art is now considered free…and it should be free!  But not like “free beer” but more like “free speech.”  I actively support musical acts, independent films, stage productions and scores of other nonsense out there so that artists have the chance to add color to our lives.I saw one Kickstarter project started by a guy who was writing a book and wanted support.   He hadn’t even started it yet.  I didn’t want to donate but I wanted to give him a tip:  Dude, just write your book.  Kickstarter is filled with great people with awesome ideas and also a host of lazy people…

…and then there’s my friends.

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