UPDATE: Going Home CD

How the CD is coming along, and more!

Kindred Kith and Kin,

The closing weeks of summer have melted away since our last newsletter, and you are long overdue for an update.  There is so much to share!

1)   PORTLAND!  Big city lights welcomed us for our first show in Portland at the Alhambra Theater, opening for one of the west coast’s most talented female singer-songwriters, Rita Hosking.  We were not only tickled to open for Rita, but also thrilled that she accepted our offer to join her on stage as backing vocalists for her tune, Little Joe.  Rita generously shared tips of the trade with us, including her tools for touring Europe! We were also showered with attention at McMenamin’s Edgefield Winery just outside Portland. We’re sure that McMenamin’s will have us back soon!

2)   SEATTLE!  We heard your requests to play in the Northwest urban centers, and so we’re busting into Seattle, too! It looks like an Oct 18th show at The Conor Byrne is imminent, followed by an early show at The Comet on December 8.  Watch for details.  We’ll be clamoring for your attendance so that we can knock their socks off with our sound AND our fanreach, too. Competition is steep in Seattle, and you play a big part in whether we earn an invitation to return.

3) RECORDING!  A consultation with our engineer, Billy Barnett, revealed that our album was too long to be completed with the time and money budgeted.  We trimmed Going Home to 10 songs, and tracked nearly all of them over five days in June. We scheduled three days for mixing in July, but had to borrow one day to finish tracking and still needed more time to mix.  We ended up two full days over budget, spending down the last of the Kickstarter funds, and kicking in our own band money to pay the balance.  Today, we have an amazing record in-hand, but the Kickstarter funds and the band coffers are empty, and we still have some steps to make.

4)  WHAT’S NEXT?  The reality is that we need more money to get Going Homeout the door and on her journey.  We are working hard to earn the money ourselves, but through gigging alone it would be another year before we could earn the final $4,000 needed.  Based on advice from industry professionals to “take our time” and “do it right,” we are happy with the decisions we’ve made to release a quality album in due time, but with your help that time could be much, much sooner.

5) WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? So far, “doing it right” with the highest quality engineer, studio, musicians, and equipment has resulted in the highest quality recording either of us has ever produced.  In order to share with you what you have partnered with us to achieve, we have attached an un-mastered, THREE-SONG MEDLEY for you to enjoy!  When you hear this sample, we think you’ll agree that our new album has a lot of mainstream potential, and deserves the best treatment in the mastering and duplication phases ahead.  Can you help us with the final push?  You can give any amount at any time, directly to our PayPal account at molliezieglermusic[at]gmail.com.

We thank you for your continued support and confidence in us.  We owe our successes to you.  You take the CAKE!  Speaking of which…

Here is the recipe for Cousin Marge Pinkerton’s Secret Hershey Cake!

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